Approximate Addresses for Pennypack Park Entrances and Parking Lots

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Pine Road Park Entrance

8701 Pine Road

(Parking lot has the same address)

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Verree Road Park Entrance

Between 8598 Verree Road (St. Stephen’s Orthodox Cathedral) and 8600 Verree Road (Pennypack Environmental Center). 

(Parking lot has the same address)

Note:  The entrance is just north of St. Stephen’s Orthodox Cathedral and is on the same side of the creek and the street.

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Krewstown Road

8435 Krewstown Road, both sides of the street

 (Parking lot located at 8449 Krewstown Road)

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Bustleton Avenue

8611 Bustleton Avenue (approximately Bustleton and Benton)

(No parking lot!)

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Winchester Avenue (west side of boulevard)

2250 Winchester Avenue

(No parking lot!)

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Roosevelt Boulevard

Use the entrance at 2506 Winchester Avenue

(Parking lot has the same address)

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Axe Factory Road

2650 Winchester Avenue (Winchester & Axe Factory Road)

(No parking lot!)

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Holme Avenue

Approx. 2773 Holme Avenue.

(No parking lot!)

Holmehurst Avenue

Holmehurst is a short road that exists for a few feet, only, between Rhawn and Winchester.  There are park entrances on either side.  One takes you to the Upper Rhawn Street bridge and the other takes you to the lower Rhawn Street parking lot

(No parking lot!)

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Rhawn Street park entrance

aka -- Little City

Approximately 3214 Rhawn Street or just east of Rhawn & Holmehurst (3200 Rhawn).

Parking lot has the same address.  There are actually three separate parking lots at this entrance.  The one at the entrance and after you come in, one down the hill, and one further down and after you go under the bridge.

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Sandy Run (Ryan Avenue and Sandyford Roads)

2983 Ryan Avenue, the entrance is just west of Ryan & Sandyford Roads (3001 Ryan Avenue).

(Parking lot has the same address, however, the gate is kept locked.)

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Cresco & Welsh

8198 Cresco Avenue (Rowland, Welsh, & Cresco meet at the same corner)

(No parking lot!)

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Frankford Avenue near Ashburner

8390 Frankford Avenue (bike path entrance, southbound side of Frankford Avenue). 

8381 Frankford Avenue (bike path entrance, northbound side of Frankford Avenue)

(Parking lot is located at 8299 Frankford Avenue near Solly, however, the gate is kept locked.)

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Torresdale Avenue

8218 Torresdale Avenue (southbound Torresdale Avenue)

8165 Torresdale Avenue (northbound Torresdale Avenue)


To get from one to the other travel along Torresdale Avenue, cross the creek, and pick up the bike path on the opposite side of the street.

(No parking lot!)

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State Road – southbound side

8044 State Road

Note:  the bike path comes out on State Road from upstream, then picks up again on the other side of State Road just south of Rhawn.  To continue onto Pennypack on the Delaware, travel south on State Road, cross Rhawn and cross State Road, and follow the access road for Riverview Nursing Home.

(No parking lot!)


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State Road – northbound side

aka -- Pennypack on the Delaware

7749 State Road

State Road just south of Rhawn Street

(Note:  you will see a street sign “Pennypack Path” also a sign for Riverview Nursing Home.  Both the park entrance and the nursing home use the same access road.  You just continue along the access road, “Pennypack Path”, longer for the park entrance.)

(Parking lots have the same address.)

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